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by Mike Welsh

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Boutique E-Commerce System

Boutique E-Commerce System

A monolithic bespoke e-commerce application built as a replacement to multiple system's within the company.

The company was running their business using a few third party apps and they needed a more centralised app that was more bespoke to their ways.

The app allowed the company to manage their customer sales by building up orders via a basket system. They'd select the products, add them to the customers basket and proceed to the checkout. The checkout system would then either allow them to proceed with the order or alert the sales rep about outstanding debit for example.

Order payments could be taken via Stripe if the customer wanted or an invoice could be issued for payment.

Customers would often over pay so a credit system was built to keep track of this. This allowed regular monthly payments to be taken and monthly orders to be carried out automatically.

Offers could be handled using the offers system which was either global for products or could be geared specifically to particular customers. This allowed the sales team the ability to customise orders for regular customers.

Orders would then be sent to the dispatch team in two other locations and they'd process the orders accordingly.

The app also had a lead generator system where sales could add new potential customers as leads and the sales reps could book appointments with said potential customers to perform a sales call in person.

Key features

  • Basket system
  • Product management with sync to their stock control system
  • Customer management with links to their dental finder apps
  • Credit notes system
  • Invoice management
  • Customer import system with their old software called Evident
  • Notes system
  • Packing and dispatch system tied with shipping company
  • Task management system
  • Lead generator with appointment system
  • Reports system
  • Help system

Please note that the data in the images is all fictional data from testing.